Why heat pumps

why heat pumps?

Heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings.

Even at temperatures we consider to be cold, air, and water contain useful heat that’s continuously replenished by the sun.

By applying a little more energy, a heat pump can raise the temperature of this heat energy to the level needed.

Similarly, heat pumps can also use waste heat sources, such as from industrial processes, cooling equipment or ventilation air extracted from buildings.

A typical electrical heat pump will just need 1 kW of power to turn 2 kW of freely available environmental or waste heat into 3 kW of useful heat.


Hot water system design,supply and installation
  • Substantial savings in hot water related expenses over the long term.
  • Heat Pumps qualify for the new SANS 10400-XA building requirement.
  • It’s an environmentally friendly hot water option given the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through less energy requirements.
  • There is limited life style change when installing heat pumps as they can heat water at any given time.
  • No roof space or panels needed.
  • A heat pump is still effective even in low temperatures.

Case Studies

Hostel Heat Pump Retrofit – Gold Mining Industry


R 19 231 433

Average MW Saving for 7 day profile


Liters Water Saved Per Year

39 337 023

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